Keenan1 is a former noob on finale...he used to troll...after awhile he stopped being a noob(He still has his ups and downs)....There is a cure for noobness

....He tells fucking George Lopez and makes Lionheart package jokes....Keenan1 makes fun of Tyrone911 a lot

and makes storys about himself using finale properties for instance this is a short story he said on OOC

Azuki Hyacinth Sun(Keenan1):So I was chillin in my living room right? and then I said. Keenan:I need to workout..My skills

are getting rusty. So I got my pbagg and started hitting it a few times and it I expanded X4 and went to walmart and the cashiers bp was liek in the I had the cashier hit a cart while I hit him.

Azuki Hyacinth Sun(Keenan1): I also tried to fight the cashier but he had overdrive

Keenan1 is sometimes funny but tells too many storys and it is annoying

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