Dragonball Finale Made and played using the BYOND "Dream Maker" engine, Finale is an MMORPG based around the Dragonball(as made by Akira Toriyama) universe, though not directly drawing all of its inspiration from said universe. Tenshaku/Dragonn/Aegon is the coder and owner of Finale. A game with a unique system of roleplaying for graphical RP games, there is no need for multiple 'higher-up' parties for roleplaying. However, for good roleplaying, the admins might help you out, if they take notice.

Dragonball Phoenix A recent addition to the DBRP family, this game was started when Bishamon121 bought the source code of Finale from Tenshaku. Originally, this game had few players due to the 'broken' systems that were left over from Finale, but Archonex soon helped fix that, bringing a loyal population with him. Soon after, he was given co-owner in return for fixing some of the more major problems and becoming a coder for the game. Persh, having left the team, has been replaced by Valekor as a coder.

--Medicator 21:44, March 25, 2011 (UTC)